The Fab Four

  • Meet the Fab Four! This group of seniors came to us after their human passed away. Saydee, Jitters, Bella and Mookie spent their entire life together (13 years!) in one room of a home. They were not well socialized when they came to us, but have made incredible progress since being here. Jitters is now super loving and the ultimate lap cat. He’s a scrawny old man but he wants to be in your lap and rubbing his face against yours. Saydee loves attention and will do anything to sit on your shoulder and help style your hair! Both Jitters and Saydee love to give you sweet licks and show their affection. Mookie will meow until you come to her and provide love. She prefers to stay in the cat tree, possibly because she is front declawed (all 4 are front declawed) and the feel of the hard floor is not nice on her feet. She does not have any other issues with it though. She will stick her tongue out when she meows and is such a goofy girl! Bella is still learning to deal with humans. She isn’t nearly as fearful as she used to be, but she does not enjoy being petted or touched in any way. She will shake if you try to pet her. She is not aggressive though, and takes comfort in her lifelong friends and needs to stay with them.
    These 4 seniors have been with us for almost a year now and would loooove a relatively quiet home to call their own. Here they are surrounded by new cats all the time and random people coming and going, and it stresses them out. However, we will not separate them. We know the perfect home is out there!
    Adopters of these 4 are required to meet them, and possibly even come visit more than once, before taking them home. Change is hard on anyone and we want these guys to be comfortable with whomever they get to live with. All are spayed/neutered, front declawed, and are $150 for all 4.

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