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Three's Company

Come and knock on their door, they've been waiting for you!


This happy trio is loving life and they're not afraid to show it. Each has their own personality, and all three are worthy of healthy, happy lives. Get to know the turkey who most resonates with you, and feel good about saving a life this Thanksgiving. We know these three are thankful for YOU! 

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Coretta: The Diva

Coretta is friendly, but particular about how and with whom she spends her time. She's been known to turn down lettuce that has touched the ground. Despite her fierce independence and discerning nature, Coretta does enjoy a snuggle with her BFF, Spot.


The Heartbreaker

Reggie looks good, and he knows it! He came to us as the sole survivor of a predator attack, and his confidence is unwavering. He loves to show off when people visit, and has enjoyed himself as the only male in the trio.


Spot: The Sweetie

Spot is such a people bird! She loves any excuses to snuggle and nuzzle her human friends, and she's got love to give. Spot came to us fully bonded with her BFF Coretta, narrowly avoiding slaughter thanks to their friendship.

Love them all? 
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