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Donate Today

Your donation helps keep the animals safe and comfortable by supporting the feeding of residents, providing shelter and care, and any medical care our animal residents need.

Donate Today

Ahimsa Safe Haven Inc is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation (tax ID number 83-1729291). With charitable status comes the ability to provide tax receipts for donations. Thank you in advance for your generosity and compassion!


Every donation made to the Sanctuary makes a huge difference and helps keep the sanctuary operating. We completely rely on donor support to operate the sanctuary, care for our residents including assisting with their food costs, and also for any urgent care our residents need. 

All of these costs add up and it's with your help that we are able to keep rescuing and providing safe and loving forever homes to our residents. All donations go to the operating of the rescue in all aspects and each donation is handled with utmost responsibility.


Ahimsa Amazon Wishlist

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Please consider purchasing from our Amazon Wishlist each donation helps considerably.

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Donate Items

Please also consider donating goods to our sanctuary such as unused kitty litter, blankets, hay, etc. If you have an inquiry on how you could contribute or if you have any goods you would like to donate please use the contact us form on our contact us page.

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Amazon Smiles

Go to and choose to support Ahimsa Safe Haven Inc. It is free and for each purchase you make on Amazon, Amazon donates a small portion of the amount to the charity of your choice!



Rescuing farm animals, fish, and felines in need and providing the highest quality of care is our number one priority.

A Safe and Loving Forever Home

A vital part of running a successful rescue is providing a safe, clean, and loving forever home for all of our residents. Our staff and volunteers always work in pursuit of providing safe, clean and loving environments.

Urgent Medical Care

When we are rescuing animals we commonly encounter residents that are in need of urgent medical care and require immediate medical attention, and we are home to many residents who require special care. Hospital visits for these residents are often frequent and urgent.

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